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Tips on Watering Plants

Watering Instructions
(for newly installed plant material)

    • Never rely on your irrigation system or rain to water your new plants.
    • Water daily for the first week with hose end (preferably without a spray nozzle).
    • Continue to water 3 times a week for the next three weeks.
    • For multiple plants the best technique is to water in groups of three.
      • Water each one individually without causing runoff.
      • After the third plant is completed then start the cycle again.
      • Then move on to the next three plants.
    • For large trees or shrubs with a deep or wide root ball the best method is the slow trickle.
      • With hose end placed at the trunk of the plant turn the water on to a slow trickle.
      • Do not let the water runoff.


Click here to download a PDF document of these watering tips.

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