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What Our Customers Are Saying . . .

Thanks for spraying the back yard….it is very effective. My grandchildren have been playing in the back yard all week….no bugs.



We can’t thank you enough for the treatments. We had almost 100 people here last night and no mosquitoes!

We just got home from a friend’s grad party […] and were swarmed…. had to leave early because of it. They even have a fogging system permanently installed.

Thanks again,


Even though Steve already expressed how impressed we were with your company, I just had to add that I can’t wait to work more with you.
I felt so bad for your guys because this place was such a mess, but they were incredible.
I told you when I met you that I always wanted to be a Fulchino customer.
All your properties in Lynnfield look really professional and great.
Thank you again.


Thank you for following up, and for your continuing excellent service. I’ve recommended you to my neighbors across the street, and hopefully they follow up.

~Andy N.

Thank you so much for all your hard work this season and taking good care of my clients needs – you’re the best! I really appreciate your support and always know I can count on all of you.

~Denise King

I wanted to thank you and your teams for yet another successful season. The house looks twice the size with all the old bushes gone, and the yard still looks great after the fall/winter cleanup.


After a long, busy day, it was nice to come home to such beautiful landscaping. The lawn, flowers, trees and shrubs look positively gorgeous…..such precision.

You are to be commended for doing such beautiful work…..thank you so much. Our house is the envy of the neighborhood

Thanks again, and have a nice weekend.


Your crew was here at yesterday and the yard looks great. Thanks for yet another job well done!

~S. C.

Now I have a nice green lawn thanks to you guys, and a nice wall to sit on… thank you…

~Bill S.

I just wanted to send you note to thank you for the job that your team did on our spring cleaning. They were awesome and the yard looks great. I have been traveling a lot and had not had a chance to send out a note. One again thank you to you and your team for a top notch job.


Thank you so much for getting me scheduled for this week. Everything looks Amazing!! Your son and your crew did a Great job!!! Have a great day and a wonderful weekend. It really meant a lot to me to have it looking beautiful for this weekend.

~ Vivian

I’m late in letting you know how much I appreciate the thoroughness and attention to detail your crew gave, this last Tuesday, during the Fall clean up—-it’s not been my experience in the business to see such a quality piece of work as your men turned out this week—-and once again i want you to know how much satisfaction it has given us.and what a terrific reflection it gives to you!

~Bill W.